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About Joachim Werth

Joachim Werth has lived in Lund in the south of Sweden for his whole adult life. For the past eight years he has been expressing himself artistically, working exclusively with wool. Now, displaying his works publicly for the very first time, he presents the audience with objects impressive in colour as well as in size, objects one might find it the easiest to liken to "carpets".

Werth has spent the last few years developing his very own artistic technique, a technique which has made  the production of such large pieces possible. A new piece very often finds its beginnings in a wish to try a new technique, and so the final look af any given piece is not set from the start but is rather the result of a journey which Werth makes, starting at the very moment he gets the first spark of a new idea and ending not before the final completion of the piece.

A larger piece might take up to two months to complete. Initially, Werth will primarily focus on the technical aspect of things, seeing if the new technique is up to the task. During this stage he too refers to the pieces as "carpets" - only when the new technique has indeed proven its merits, he reconsiders their status and is able to view them as pieces of art. To view his pieces with the desire to look for hidden symbolism or meanings is futile, Werth says, his only ambition being to convey to the spectator what one might call "good vibrations"; a genuinely positive, harmonic feeling.

The pieces are also part of a larger project which Werth hopes to stage in 2006. The project, using the work title "Stories", foresees to use the objects as the graphical backdrop of a storytelling performance by Joachim Werth. Also requiring the usage of music as well as various light-, sound- and even scent-effects, the production may indeed be described as a multi-media event.

For more than ten years Werth has also worked with the rehabilitation of drug-addicted adolescents, as well as running his own import business.


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